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CEH puts e-mental health in the spotlight
e-Mental Health is an emerging area of research which deserves a spotlight. That spotlight was offered by the Centre for Emotional Health at a conference hosted in late February.

Over 100 psychologists and researchers turned up to hear which interventions are currently being offered, methods for effectively disseminating e-mental health beyond research centres, and what the future holds for this cutting edge area of research.

Youth mental health
The first week of April was Youth Week. This year the Centre for Emotional Health partnered with the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Youth Network to run a mental health forum attended by 250 students from 17 schools in the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness about mental health issues in the adolescent age group and encourage help seeking for emotional and mental wellbeing.

During Youth Week Associate Professor Viviana Wuthrich discussed youth mental health in a podcast which you can listen to now.
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Research excellence award
The inaugural  Emotional Health Early Career Research Excellence prize attracted outstanding applications from around the world. Sponsored by Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health, the prize is awarded for outstanding research into the origins, consequences, treatment or prevention of anxiety or related emotional difficulties across the lifespan.

The winner, Joseph McGuire from the University of California - Los Angeles, focuses his research on evaluating evidence-based treatments of childhood psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, OCD and Tourette Syndrome, and examines factors that influence treatment outcomes. In the past 5 years, Joseph has authored or co-authored 58 research papers –an exceptional achievement by anyone’s standards.

Highly commended awards went to Jonathan Stange and Stephanie Gorka both from University of Illinois at Chicago.
New research
Managing family accommodation of OCD 
A new case study demonstrates that if teens are reluctant to engage in treatment for OCD, family members can still make a difference through therapy that targets the family’s accommodating behaviours.
Read more >
Impact of Instagram use in young women
Can social media use lead to greater body dissatisfaction and self-objectification in young women? A new study examines this question looking at Instagram usage in young women with interesting results.
Read more >
Effects of alcohol mixed with energy drinks scale
A recent study found that adults who drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks may do so in an effort to delay the calming effects of alcohol. But does this belief impact how many of the mixed drinks they consume?
Assessment, treatment and prevention of anxiety in children and adolescents and specific training on how to run the Cool Kids™ anxiety program.
Anytime, online

Focusing  on primary school aged children. For speech pathologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, special education teachers and students.
Thursday, 11 May

For school counsellors to learn how to implement the cognitive behavioural therapy based program Study Without Stres within the school environment.
Friday, 12 May
Strategies for maximising the therapeutic impact of parent training for young children with conduct problems.
Friday, 23 June
Ideal for students in grade 10, 11 and 12, learn to change the way you view school and exam stress, deal with work avoidance and unrealistic expectations, and tips for tackling exam anxiety.
Wednesday, 12 July (school holidays)
Cool Kids anxiety program workshop
Assessment, treatment and prevention of anxiety in children and adolescents and specific training on how to run the Cool Kids™ anxiety program. Face-to-face workshop.
Friday, 4 August
Identifying and assessing BDD in young people, reviewing evidence-based treatments and cognitive behavioural procedures.
Friday, 8 September
Implementation of an intensive treatment for phobic youth, from assessment through to its completion.
Friday, 13 October
Participate in research
We are always looking for individuals and schools to participate in our research studies. Take a look at some of the projects we are currently working on and if you're interested please make contact.
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